NMIJ CRM Order Procedure:

  1. We are a distributor for only Environmental CRMs. We cannot ship toxic products overseas. Please check ' https://www.nmij.jp/english/service/C/ ' for details about the NMIJ CRMs.
  2. From 2016, there is additional cost (JPY 2 000.00) to issue an English version certificate.
  3. To produce a quotation, please send following information to RMinfo@kanso.co.jp .
    1. Buyer's name (Institute/organization):
    2. End user (if applicable)
    3. Business address (please provide street address)
    4. Person's name
    5. Phone no: (+country code- area code - number)
    6. Fax no:
    7. Ship to (contact person):
    8. Shipping address (please provide postal code):
    9. Phone no:
    10. CRM number and number of bottles
    11. English certificate: Yes or No
    12. Billing address: (optional at quotation stage)
    13. Billing phone no: (optional at quotation stage)
  4. We will send you a quotation with shipping cost (local duty/tax not included).
  5. After confirming the quotation price and billing information, we will ask to send us an official order document (such as purchase order).
  6. Please give us at least 2 weeks after receiving your official order document to prepare shipment of the product(s).
  7. Buyer will proceed with the full payment of the contract price after product delivery.