Chronological records

KANSO CRM Chronological Records:

2011.04.27. We became accredited as a certified reference material (CRM) producer under the Accreditation System of National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (ASNITE) Accreditation Program (Accreditation No. : ASNITE 0052 R).
KANSO also meets the requirements of ISO Guide 34: 2009 (JIS Q 0034: 2012) and ISO/IEC 17025: 2005 (JIS Q 17025: 2005) for tests and measurements associated with assigning property values to certified reference materials.

2015.06.18. With availability of National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ) CRM for nutrients in seawater (became available from June 2014), we have re-certified our CRM lots.

2019.10.24. Concerning RMNS nitrite, a trend of increasing concentration of 0.004 ± 0.002 μmol/kg per year was confirmed. Therefore, the nitrite was expressed as a reference value.
This change applies to 6 lots (BZ, CA, CB, CC, CD, CJ).

Announcement_KANSO CRM certification change 2019.pdf

2022.12.27. The phosphate certified value for RMNS Lot.CR was revised.

Recertification of phosphate for Lot CR 2023.pdf

2023.07.06. The silicate property value for RMNS Lot.CQ was revised and changed to a certified value.

Recertification of silicate for Lot CQ 2023.pdf