General procedure:

  1. Contact us via fax or e-mail for updated available lot(s) and number of bottles in stock.
  2. For a quotation, please provide us with the following information.
    1. Buyer's name (Institute/organization):
    2. End user (if applicable):
    3. Business address (please provide street address):
    4. Person's name:
    5. Phone no (+country code- area code - number):
    6. Fax no:
    7. Ship to (contact person):
    8. Shipping address (please provide postal code):
    9. Phone no. (Ship-to contact):
    10. Lot and number of bottles:
    11. Billing address: (optional at quotation stage)
    12. Billing phone no: (optional at quotation stage)
  3. We will send you a quotation with shipping cost (local duty/tax not included).
  4. After confirming the quotation price and billing information, we will send a document titled “Sales Agreement” which will require the buyer’s signature.
  5. Most signed sales agreements are accepted by fax or by e-mail. If sending by post, please send the signed documents back to the following address:

    (Name of RMNS production manager)
    3-1-1 Higashikuraji, Katano, Osaka, 576-0061, JAPAN

  6. We will send an e-mail confirmation after receiving the signed “Sales Agreement”.
  7. Buyer will then proceed with the full payment of the contract price.
  8. We will ship the product within 10 days after payment confirmation.
Sample "Sales Agreement"[PDF]

*We do not accept credit card payments.
*Please consider enough time for your order because the preparation of documents may take time.