Reference material for nutrients in seawater (RMNS) is certified reference material (CRM) produced by KANSO TECHNOS CO., LTD. (KANSO) on the basis of quality control system under ISO 17034 (JIS Q 17034). KANSO is accredited under the Accreditation System of National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (ASNITE) as a CRM producer since 2011. (Accreditation No.: ASNITE 0052 RMP)

General Property

General Property

KANSO RMNS homogeneity and stability.
Homogeneity: 0.1 % to 0.2 % coefficient of variation (CV) at high nutrients concentration ranges (e.g., Pacific deep seawater).
Stability: Guaranteed up to 7 years.

Source material autoclaved natural seawater
Intended use seawater nutrients (nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and silicate) analysis
Sample volume more than 80mL
Product size 100 mL polypropylene bottle
Packaging vacuum-sealed in aluminum film bag