Connecting our global environment to the future with excellent technology and consistent responsiveness.

KANSO TECHNOS CO., LTD. is involved in a wide range of environmental businesses, from environmental impact assessment and various environmental survey to environmental greening design/construction, biotope construction, rooftop greening, and assorted mitigation such as seaweed bed creation. In these operations, we provide environment-related services backed by solid performance and experience as a general environmental consultant. We have linked the business field of "Civil Engineering" and "Construction" together and by utilizing our extensive background, expertise and technology, we can provide comprehensive responses, from survey and analysis to design, construction and management, in all environment-related fields.

Environmental Impact Assessment / Environmental Risk Management

We can respond to all sorts of environmental survey and environmental impact assessment from large scale public projects to small scale development projects. Additionally, we provide consulting services on various environmental risk management such as the ecological impact caused by chemicals, soil/groundwater contamination and global warming issues.

Environmental Remediation / Nature Restoration

We conduct survey, design and construction for environmental remediation and nature restoration such as greening in order to match a region's needs, rooftop greening in cities, and seaweed bed and biotope creation.

Environmental Information Analysis

We provide services that draw on the strengths of our advanced information technology such as appropriate phenomenon analysis of the environment, environmental risk analysis, and environmental management.

Global Environment / Regional Environment

We provide comprehensive assistance in the fields covering global environmental issues to regional development projects that aim to coexist with nature.


  • Reference Material for Nutrients in Seawater
  • Silicon (Si) Standard Solution- For Continuous Flow Analysis (CFA) method –