Civil Engineering

From construction to restoration. We're aiming to be the frontiers of civil engineering technologies expertise on environmentally friendly operations.

We have a rich source of experience obtained from working for many years in the constructions of electric power civil engineering facilities, such as dams, power houses, tunnels, roads, environmental greening etc. By utilizing these experiences, we will provide high quality engineering services from consulting to construction and maintenance for infrastructure. We will also incorporate our researching capabilities in the “Environmental” field to our technological prowess in the “Civil Engineering” field to tackle environmentally conscious projects, such as soil contamination countermeasures and natural restoration, which the demands are thought to increase in the future.

Investigation / Diagnosis

We provide investigation and diagnosis on all sorts of indispensable information needed in prior to conducting the civil engineering construction projects. We also provide analysis through various tests as well.

Planning / Design

Based on the surveys and test results, we provide designing plans for sub-stations and urban environment related facilities, and also provide improvement and repairs on the existing structures as well.


Using the advanced technology developed over many years of electric power civil engineering, we guarantee high quality in a wide range of civil engineering construction projects.


By utilizing the advanced technology piled up through inspections and repairing of electric power civil engineering projects such as power houses and substations, we can provide the most appropriate maintenance method for any types of equipment.