We provide city buildings with new inspiration by considering buildings from the perspective of the environment.

KANSO TECHNOS CO., LTD. have involved in planning, design and construction of KANSAI ELECTRIC POWER Group related facilities such as power houses and sub-stations, dormitories, company housing and so on, maintenance of buildings at nuclear power plants, and building renewal works, etc. Utilizing advanced construction technology and results gained through this experience, we provide high quality and untroubled services for city buildings. We also provide strong consulting in environmental areas by connecting other areas with the "Environmental" field and providing proposals such as building environment surveys and rooftop and sidewall greening projects, etc.


We can turn technological information arising from systematized quality control structures and the worksite into manuals and respond accurately to consultations with customers.

Planning / Design

We provide rapid and accurate planning by utilizing our 40 years of experience and results. We gather information as unit for business and technology such as work conditions, location conditions and processes, etc., and evaluate polices and provide designs.


By using a systematized quality control structure and engineering data accumulated on-site to the fullest, we provide a comprehensive structure until delivery is finalized. Linking with maintenance work, we also follow through to post-delivery services and planning and design for the future.


Even after delivery has been finalized, we can respond with our comprehensive maintenance structure to problems if they occur as well as remodeling or alteration needs. We also conduct periodic building inspections and degradation analysis and provide maintenance support as desired.